gallery-thumb-2DPE™ REAL ESTATE is actively acquiring properties for redevelopment purposes. If your property satisfies our strict selection process, we would be happy to make an offer to purchase your site. Selling your property to us ensures you an immediate saving of thousands of dollars in agent fees and advertising and without a Sales Agent between you and us, your conditions and terms of sale can be happily and easily negotiated. We understand you need time and will conform to your settlement requirements.

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dpe-developmentPartner with DPE™ DEVELOPMENTS and develop your property!

DPE™ DEVELOPMENTS can partner with you to form a Joint Venture for the complete management and procurement of your sites redevelopment. We have all the services readily available for the engineering, construction and sale of your project, and the required capital to make it happen. By minimising your exposure and risk to changing variables and utilising our experience and skills, we can ensure a complete success.


DPE™ DEVELOPMENTS can assist you with full or partial project management for the services you require, but project funding will rely solely on you. Whether you require our services for a simple division, or a complex redevelopment we are happy to help.

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subdivideIf you’re a property owner or developer seeking the services of a professional management team to undertake the complete subdivision process of your allotment then DPE™ Developments has the services available for you.

The subdivision of land is a highly regulated complex process that must be completed by licenced professionals. Multiple state and local governments are involved throughout the process, hence effective communication and management is paramount to ensure legal conditions are met.

By setting out a prospective timeline for each individual subdivision, co-ordinating and monitoring of applications through the various government departments and council, DPE™ Developments ensures our customers budgets and expectations are always met.

The subdivision process can be summarised in 5 steps as follows:

  1. Development Site Assessment
  2. Survey Property & New Site Plan Proposal
  3. Lodgement with DAC (Development Assessment Commission)
  4. Lodgement with LTO (Lands Titles Office)
  5. Issue of new Titles

We look forward to assisting you with your subdivision and ensure you of the best customer service.

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