DPE™ GROUP PL is a privately owned and run South Australian based company delivering unmatched residential investments and services for the Australian property market.

Quality and Return on investment (ROI) for our clients is our primary focus which continues to exceed the already high standard of our past and present projects.

With our two main divisions DPE™ DEVELOPMENTS and DPE™ REAL ESTATE ensuring projects are constructed and sold/leased respectively with the maximum forecast growth, clients can ensure that our strict quality control and investment methods cannot be compromised.


icon-vision-blueOUR VISION is to be acknowledged as a trusted, honest, Australian company, that prides itself in securing and maintaining professional relationships with our client’s, contractors and investors, through superior project management, exceptional return and product delivery.


icon-mission-blueOUR MISSION is to guarantee an unmatched combination of focused and proactive project management, coupled with collective wisdom, passion and quality to ensure a maximum return on investment for everyone involved.


icon-values-blueOUR VALUES as a company ensure our commitment to exceeding excellence. Simple respect for all nationalities and customs, honest open discussions and negotiations and uncompromised product quality are the 3 main non-negotiable terms of our engagement.